The Cast

The Usual Suspects 
Their names will likely show up the most..

The Gypsy: (Now Ex) Boyfriend, of sorts. Long distance relationships are hard, they say.. We came so close.

Blue: (Now Ex) Husband, of sorts. Graduate of Le Cordon Bleu Satellite in California.  
(aka Roomie)

Silly: (Now Ex) Wife, of sorts.  Artist, dispatcher, gamer.
(aka Dreamy/Pixie) 

Houdini: Teen son.  Retarded and autistic, musically inclined and eager to become "A WORKIN' Man".
Not related to Blue & Silly.

The Boy: Husband's teen brother. Skater and churchgoer. Definite heartbreaker.

GRIM: Toddler daughter, birth-child of Blue and Silly.
Precocious, super intelligent.
(aka Dinklebinkleboo,Dinkle, Stinkerbell, Dribble-butt, etc etc etc.)

Birdmann: My bat-loop'd uncle, the former falconer and toughener-of-me.
(aka Birdbrain)

Proudfoot: My aunt, capable of many feats, including running flat-out through any terrain with no shoes. 
(aka Second Mom)

My Mother: mother, much to my chagrin.

The Mother: Mother in the global/spiritual sense.
(ie: Earth Mother, Goddess, Mother Nature)

Rarely seen, usually due to distance...

Mia/Doc: My wonderful, incredibly patient, terribly busy doctor.
(Actually, she's a "lowly" RN, or LVPN, or somesuch sort of nurse.)

Illiterate Fustian: Ex-Husband. Father of Houdini.

Grandpa Miles: My childless grandfather-by-marriage and a key male in my upbringing.  Embodies the definition of "the patience of a saint".
(aka Poppa Texas)

Grandma: My grandmother Evelyn, formerly Mrs. Grandpa Jim, and later Mrs. Grandpa Miles. Life's been hard to her, but she found her happiness and wouldn't settle for less.
(aka Gramma Texas)

Bobby: My one and only blood uncle. Proof that every family should have a devious, charismatic adventurer hiding in the woodwork. 
(aka, for my aunt's sake.. "Unca Baa-baa")

Mom: Silly's mother, general free spirit and occasionally "WTF"-worthy. Walking Klingon & Doctor Who encyclopedia, British enough to have absolutely NO ability to cook.
(aka SqueeMom!)

Dearly Departed 
Appearing, but no longer with us, are as follows...

Grandpa Jim: My maternal grandfather, a hermit of legend. The twinkle in his eye dropped many a girl into his arms.. This, along with his property, he passed down to my son.
(aka.. too many to list, really. Generally who I'm referring to when I say "Grandpa".)

Grief is like the ocean; it comes on waves ebbing and flowing. Sometimes the water is calm, and sometimes it is overwhelming. All we can do is learn to swim.
-Vicki Harrison