Friday, June 19, 2009

About The Yard

So I've done a little puttering about the yard. Spent a little time over two days with the camera.
Bad perspective changes, should have stood closer to center when I took the pictures.
Left fence, red line depicts start of back fence, second red line depicts end of back fence, right fence.
The garden will be on the right-hand side of the first line, between the phone pole (that's behind the fence) and the playhouse.

This.. is Booshy Boosh. It's huge and it's been getting bigger ever since we arrived. It's also taking up way too much yard and harboring hundreds (may be an exaggeration) of snails. I have Big Plans for Booshy Boosh.

After a couple hours of work, two days ago...
Booshy Boosh started on it's way to being a bit less... Booshy.

While this was going on, Punkin Little..

..was watching me from her stroller, which I'd pushed outside. The grass has been treated with Weed & Feed and she loves to pluck off bits, stick them in her mouth, and then make faces.. it wasn't safe for her to be down in it. She thought it was hysterical to pick "stars" off her tray and fling them in my general direction while I'm sweatin' and swearin' and bush whackin'.
Screwed up my thumb, my hand, and my ankle. Got a "bark bite" on the inside of my opposite arm. Got loved on VERY MUCH by some sort of weed..

Ignore the hair, please. These are the weeds I was "loved" by. They were on my shoes, my pants, and up to chest high on my shirt. Which is odd.. considering the weeds I was walking through were only high enough to reach my ankles.

Elsewhere in the yard... we've got a pool! Hub's mom bought him one of those pipe-and-mesh screened gazebos and an inflate-a-ring above ground pool for his birthday. In a moment of brilliance, he put one inside the other. We jokingly call it our "indoor pool" and have taken to soaking in it every night. It's not really big enough for any sort of swimming, seeing as it's only high enough to reach (barely) the top of my thighs and is about 12' in diameter, but it's awesome for relaxing at the end of the day or splashing with our little waterbug.

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