Friday, July 17, 2009

How Our Little Stinkerbell Got So GRIM.

GRIM.. -sigh-
Gabrielle Renee-Iris M****. The dash makes me twitch every time I see it, dunno why.

Silly was the one to decide she'd have that name. And she shares the story with total strangers if they so much as coo at Stinkerbell. Gabrielle for Xena's companion. Renee because it's the actress' name.
We thought... okay, that's done. She'll have Blue's last name. All set.
..and then the day after seeing our little girl's first sonogram (one a kidney-bean, the other a lizard), Silly's Nan passed away. This is a woman who'd fought hard to stay around for her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren; past the death of her husband and soul mate, past the loss of her sight, past weekly dialysis and failing organs, past a money-grubbing daughter in law's bumbling care. She had the BEST (and apparently lower-class) British accent and a spitfire spirit to back it up. The first time she met me, we attempted to explain who I was. She cut everyone off, took my hand, and said "Call me Nanna."
On her last good day, she sat and talked to Silly for hours, told her all about her pregnancies and gave her every bit of mothering advice she could squeeze in. She touched the sonogram prints, and got to see them in whatever small amount of vision she had left. The next day, when we got the call, we rushed to the hospital. She was still hanging on.
She waited till we all got into the room with her, the whole family touching her arms, legs, and hair. Silly said "I'm here, Nanna." As quickly and quietly as the next breath, she was gone.
Months later, I'd hear a low-class British accent over the newborn's monitor, calling me by name in a calm, comfortable, seeking way, followed by "...could you come in here, please?" The only other person in the house was The Boy, and he was sitting in the same room, engrossed in his video game. Acting nonchalant, I got up from my desk and went to GRIM's room. Sure enough, no one there. Just Gabby. Gabby who had somehow managed to get her hat off and bury her face in it.
What else could I do? I said "Thanks, Nanna, I see it." and got the hat out. Checked that Gabby was breathing normally, and closed the door behind me when I left.
Every once in a while, Gabby giggles and waves at nothing. She's very focused on SOMETHING when she does it, and she's done it since she first learnt how to smile. After that experience, ever since.. I say hello to Silly's Nan and Pampy. I hope they enjoy their visits.

Anyhow.. that's how Gabby ended up with two middle names, and how a baby girl with the initials GRM became our GRIM little giggler.

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