Saturday, July 24, 2010

A Somewhat Eventful Week

So. Proudfoot came by bus, stayed with me a couple days, went to the surgeon consult with me. Blue paid her train ticket so she could go see Houdini, take him a present from me, and explain (with a brochure from the surgeon, even) why I haven't been out to see him.
We discussed property plans, my trailer, a Bill Paying account, and sharing the cost of a car. Despite having had to hit the brakes on moving forward, I am ever eager to participate in whatever limited aspects I can manage.

I hate the surgeon, however. She went beyond having a bad bedside manner. I have new-found respect for the animals I eat. Nothing like being treated like a piece of meat to remind you of how your food is treated when it's alive. She essentially entered the room irritated. Demanded to know what "we" are doing about "all this weight". No questioning about my dietary habits, nor about what I am prone to gravitate to. After a brusque prod-and-jab on my abdomen, she declared the incision will have to be larger than usual. I said I was fine with that. I know my weight can cause problems with ANY surgery, let alone one that happens in the abdomen. I mentioned worries about the prominent, high riding bulge on the front of my belly, thinking this in particular would likely be why she was considering either a larger incision or an old-fashioned "direct" incision and surgery (rather than laparoscopic). Oh, she said flippantly, that's either a fatty deposit or a hernia. A hernia?! And that's all you're going to say? Are you expecting maybe you'll just go inside, poke around, and maybe/maybe not find out that cutting into that specific area was a bad idea?
Anyhow, as she gave me an extremely shortened version of the surgery, she said I'd be "in and out, same day". Wow. Every site I've seen says under the BEST circumstances, you should expect a stay of one to three days with the lap procedure. And that's with someone of average weight. Also, it will (not could, will) take Medi-Cal 6 to 8 weeks to allow the surgery. Then, I get the appointment for when I go in. Then I have - at the least - another 6 to 8 weeks recovery time before I am given the okay to do more than go for very careful walks. Oh, yes, and I was commanded to walk every day after the operation. Again, this flies in the face of everything I've found, that says you should not do much movement at all for the first few days, lest you pull loose a clamp or a clip. And she forgot to tell me that there may be a drainage tube left in when I wake up.
So, why am I so irked with her? Well.. She chose - again, without a single question about who I am or what I do - to believe that I'm a fatty-fat-fat that sits around eating cookies and drinking oil. I'm not kidding about the cookies. As we were gathering ourselves to leave, she harassed me with a verbal tirade about diet and exercise, including: "NO cookies, NO sweets, HIGH protein, LOW carbohydrate, NO SODA, lots of vegetables, and START EXERCISING!"
By the time we were downstairs, Proudfoot was spitting nails. She sees, now, a big part of why every doctor I go to aside from Mia says that I have high blood pressure.
I eat several small meals throughout the day. I'm not a big one for sweets - least of all cookies -  and I vastly prefer my very slightly sweetened, very weak tea to any soda. I eat lean meats (generally thin to paper sliced and on sandwiches), love veges and fruits, rarely have a reason for a carbohydrate beyond bread for a sandwich, and I much prefer whole foods to fast foods. The meals I post up photos on are special and not terribly often. When I am given a steak or any other large bit of meat, I eat a portion of it and put the rest away to graze on throughout the day.
When taken out, I am ALWAYS the last one still eating, and without fail am taking home a fairly hefty take-home bag. I eat slow. I take my time to enjoy my meal, talk, and drink. I tend to gravitate towards tea (iced or hot) with my meals, or lemonade if it's available. I drink quite a bit with all meals, and in between. Drinking with meals, I've found, slows me down and fills me up faster. If I have a sweet, it's something small and occasional. Yes, I am capable of the occasional snarf-down of chocolates when a craving hits, but those don't come often and if there's nothing readily available, the urge passes. After all, I don't drive - yet - and I couldn't make the walk to the nearest store. Call it laziness, but I'm more than willing to keep sweets/fatty snacks out of the house and make it a non-issue than I am to ask for a ride to the store to pick some up. On the rare case that I DO bring home a canister of Pringles or a pack of mini candy bars, I put them on the highest shelf in the farthest room. Again, call it laziness, but if I have to go hunt them down and climb on a chair to have a handful of chips, I'm just fine with letting the urge pass.
It doesn't help that I don't seem to be processing most foods and as a result, whatever calories I AM getting my body seems to be stockpiling in fat as a response to its sensation of being starved of nutrients.

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