Thursday, March 3, 2011


Well, so much for today being my first full day back on the farm.
My uncle's tantrums and unstable mental state led to us turning around and driving all the way back. It just isn't safe there. I'll have to go back this weekend to pick up the previous loads and take them to a rented storage unit, where I can at least be sure they're safe from his fits of pique.
From that point, I have to discuss with my mother what's to be done. I can't live out there while he's living there, I can't afford the rent on a house in the same town, and I feel pretty damn put out that HE is preventing me from living on my grandfather's and son's property.
For now, I'm done fighting it. I spent money I didn't want to part with buying myself new clothes, new work boots, and a new haircut for my new life. I should have waited. I'm not taking the clothes or boots back, my hair is still going to Locks of Love, but I'm through planning and scheduling. Until I know that property is safe for me to live on, I'm not going back.

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