Sunday, April 10, 2011

Worth The Drive..

I took Dinkle on a short outing around Old Town Sac last night with friends - we had a BLAST.

We rode a horse-drawn carriage down a river rock cobbled road...
Bumpty bumpty bumpty

 Thanked our VERY gentle Bay engine, Angel...
Don't let the ears fool you - she loves her job! Driver was talking to her.

Ate Fanny Ann's World Famous wings...
That's right.. FULL WINGS. Each one counts as a SINGLE wing. 24 per bucket.

 ...and raided The Candy Barrel!
$21.00 worth of candy later..

By the time we decided to hit Old Sac, the winds were up and the temperature had dropped, so all the carriages had their tops up. I plan on taking her out again, once the weather is warmer, and take a quick film of her if I can. When our ride behind Angel (one of several horses from Top Hand Ranch) was over, we disembarked and asked the driver if it would be okay for Gabby to come around to the horse's head. Turns out Angel is a pure lady. She looked around towards her driver, then turned her head towards Gabby and bobbed down for pettings. Since I was perched on the edge of a raised boardwalk (whose boards scrape ABOVE my ankle when I'm standing at street level), with one arm wrapped around a column and the other arm wrapped around the waist of a toddler being stretched out towards a Beast of Moderate Size and Immense Trampling Power, I had no hands to get a shot of her Very First Touch, but it's a moment seared into my brain for eternity.
Let's put it this way.. Earlier this week, she SAW a Real Live Horse for the first time, when one of the carriages clopped past while we were walking from our friend's car. You know how they say your eyes dilate slightly when you feel attraction? I got to watch her pupils WHOOM out huge when the horse tap-danced past her. I had to stop and announce that she had officially experienced that weird "girl|horse" connection that ensnared so many of us into pleading for horse figurines and notebooks and stuffed animals.

Below are a couple pictures that are not mine. Check out the boardwalk.

Photo copyright: Top Hand Ranch image used under Creative Commons Usage

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